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Social Distance Fishing and COVID-19

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We recognize that these are uncertain times as the community faces an unprecedented challenge in dealing with COVID-19. The virus outbreak is taking a toll on our lives, businesses and communities. One thing that hopefully doesn’t change, is the ability to “socially distance” yourself in the great outdoors.


With most beaches being shut down for a while, the tourism industry is going to suffer. We are working hard with Marine Resources to keep boat ramps open. Some of the top experts on this virus are promoting a new phrase in our vocabulary, “social distancing”. Fishermen have been doing that for centuries. As long as they can get their boat in the water, fishing will survive. One of our membership groups, ASA has sent a letter to the President asking to keep fishing as an ‘essential’ business. Please see the letter posted at this link.


With most kids home from school, they are being encouraged to reduce contact with groups but at the same time, spend some time outdoors. We are partnering with other companies to put on a nationwide youth tournament that is virtual. Luckily, our system allows for tournaments to be held where nobody has to physically come in to a weigh station. You will see more of this as the details become available.


Please be safe if you do plan to fish. If you don’t have a way to fish, plenty of our captains have availability and typically only take 1-3 people so well under the recommend < 10. You can find their online calendar and pricing on our website.

Stay safe out there and #washyourhands