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It's more than your new
personal fishing assistant.

Embrace the chaos with the most revolutionary tool for fishing since the caveman's spear.
We are a team of engineers who've left the consumer electronics world to create tools that give us a competitive advantage over our competition: the fish.

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Boat Security

Your house has security, your car has security, but why doesn't your boat? Our system lets you retrofit nearly anything that floats with the same peace-of-mind you're used to; from kayak to sportfisher.

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From two friends competing from different states, to high-stakes competitions with thousands of participants; our platform is the easiest to use for managers and anglers, and it's the most connected platform in existence.

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Data Exchange

In everything, communication is key. Our platform interconnects with those you already use, enabling your tools to work the way you expect, putting an end to copy and paste and SD cards.

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Boat Share

You know how hard it is to find fishing buddies at the last minute on that surprise uncloudy day. We're fixing that by giving you a way to send a shout out to your crowd. P.S. They can even split the fuel bill.

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How did you find the last charter you went on? Our charter management module makes it easy for captains to maintain up-to-date listings, spread the word, and handle billing. Oh, and it makes it easier for you to find them, too.

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Catch Log

Snap a photo. That's it. Our artifical intelligence engine takes care of the rest. When, where, weather, rig, bait, weight, length, species; we've got this. Of course, you can correct us if we're wrong, and we'll learn for next time.

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Keeping track of your successes with a bait is important, but keeping a log is a lot of work. Just a little training up front, and our system will blow your mind with its guidance based on the data the platform links together.

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Fishing Weather

More data from more sources means more accurate predictions. We turn every one of our members' boats into an anonymous weather buoy empowering our machine learning system to provide you with the info you need.

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